Our Mission

fostering cross cultural understanding through
the power of woRld cinema. 

The Team

Josh Gardner

Founder | president

Josh Gardner is a passionate cinephile with over ten years of experience in film exhibition. From retrospectives to film festivals, Josh prides himself in bringing people together through the movie-going experience. He was formerly the Associate Film Programmer & Public Relations Manager at the American Film Insitute's Silver Theatre in Washington, DC. There he organized the AFI Latin American Film Festival, DC Caribbean Film Fest, and the New African Film Festival.


Jorge González del Pozo 

Board member

Jorge González del Pozo is an Associate Professor of Spanish at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where he teaches Spanish Literature, Film, Culture, and Language. His work has appeared in a number of journals, such as Iberoamericana, Ciberletras, and Studies in Latin American Popular Culture. He has also authored and edited several books exploring Spanish cinema and culture, including: Hacia La Obra de Arte Total: Identidad y Autenticidad en la Cinematografía de Pedro Almodóvar/Toward the Total Work of Art: Identity and Authenticity in the Cinematography of Pedro Almodóvar, and Drogas Ilegales en el Cine Español: Adicciones en la Gran Pantalla desde el Fin de Franquismo hasta los Incicios del Siglo XXI/Illegal Drugs in Spanish Film: Addiction on the Big Screen from the End of Francoism to the Beginning of the 21st Century.